How Does SEO Work?

I get asked this question a lot: How Does SEO Work? 

The short answer: that's a good question!

Though, that might be a bit of a "cop-out" answer to give, it's true.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is fascinating, sometimes frustrating but always challenging and mostly fun.

But that's just me. You might feel totally different about SEO. Perhaps you might be thinking that it's a complicated game with complex rules.

And you would be mostly right.

SEO is complicated yet it's not.

How Does SEO Work?

Answer: when you have well-written content that's valuable to its readers, then you have achieved about half of the battle of slaying your SEO.

What does well-written content have to do with SEO? 


No matter how much technical SEO work you put into your website or blog, if your content is poorly written or if it has misspellings or if each blog post or page has one or two paragraphs, then you're probably not going to get rankings in Google and Bing.

But more importantly, you won't grow a following and you might do more harm toward your company by having such awful content.

There are basic technical SEO components you can probably add yourself or have your webmaster add, such as:

  • Properly optimized page titles that are unique per page
  • Properly written meta descriptions unique per page (and make sure they're enticing)
  • Proper use of the H1 tag
  • Anchor text
  • Etc.

And you might even do quite well in your local niche if no one else in your industry is competing with you.

But what if you do have competitors?

How does SEO work?

How does it actually do the work of getting you found higher up in the rankings?

How does SEO do the work of getting your phone ringing more or bringing more customers in the door?

What about those reviews in Google and Yelp and Facebook and all those other directories that no one really uses but Google seems to like?

How does SEO work in social media?

If those important questions are keeping you up at night, I recommend you consult with an SEO Expert, preferably in your local area, if you're fortunate to work with a local SEO Expert.

A good SEO Expert will have case studies, testimonials, references and real-time results to share with you when you call to set up a consultation. 

Even though you're wanting to add effective SEO into your business strategy to get found in Google (or Bing because of all those Apple users who don't bother changing their default search engine on new Apple products they buy), I want to warn you:

Don't put all your marketing eggs into the Google basket.

Don't allow Google to make or break your business.

Yes, it's necessary for many business owners to get rankings in Google but what if Google decides that all websites with domains one year old simply won't rank at all until one year has passed? What would you do in that one year to grow your business?

Think about that.

Make a list of ways you could grow your business without getting found in Google.

You might be thinking: "She crazy! She's an SEO Expert telling her readers to think of ways to grow business without Google?! What!!??"

Yes. I'm really saying that. 

Just in the past few months, Google has made page speed a big factor. Guess what? My website dropped from #1 in my local area to #5, just like that, because my website was loading a few seconds slower than others in my local SEO area. This lit a fire under me to build a faster website. 

But in the meantime, thanks to other forms of marketing and thanks to growing business relationships "offline," and thanks to other marketing strategies I use, this drop in rankings is only temporary. Thank goodness that I didn't put all my marketing eggs into the Google basket or I'd be hurting for business right now.

So that's how SEO works. It supplements your whole marketing strategy. It should be PART of but not BE the ONLY marketing strategy you use.

It works when it's done properly by a good SEO Expert and when you have good, somewhat lengthy content on your site that helps your site visitors find an answer, solve a problem, be happy. Oh and don't forget to make sure your website pages load super fast. Here's Google's Pagespeed test tool so you can check it out now.

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